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Online calculation of the amount of laminate

Room lengthmeters
Room widthmeters
Type of floor covering Floor material
Material lengthmm
Material widthmm
The amount of material in the packagepcs
Cost of material per m2 $
Laying a row
Room area 18 m2
Quantity of whole material 75 pcs.
Number of m2 in one package 1.98 m2
Number of whole packages 10 pcs
Total cost 197.6 $

Material layout

Information on the purpose of the calculator

The flooring calculator is designed to calculate the amount of materials, such as laminate, plywood and ceramic tiles, to cover the floor of the required room size. To perform the calculation, it is necessary to enter the dimensions of the room and the dimensions of the floor material, as well as other data if necessary.

To account for the indentation from the wall, it is necessary to reduce the entered dimensions of the room by the indentation value.

A drawing is also attached to the calculation to visually display the laying of the material over the entire area of the room, so that you can choose the laying method in advance, taking into account the visual style.

The proportion of waste included in the calculation depends on the method of laying. With diagonal laying, the average amount of waste is 15 percent, and with laying at right angles, only 10 percent.

The following is a complete list of calculations performed with a brief description of each item.

General information on the results of calculations

C ( ) / 7 8 9 x 4 5 6 + 1 2 3 - . 0 =