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Calculation of the cross section of wires and cables by current or power

Choose the calculation method by power or current. Calculation by
Select the material from which the conductive cable is made Cable material
The units of measurement are meters. Line lengthmeters
Units of measurement - Watts. Load powerW
Select the purpose of the cable - for single-phase or three-phase current Number of current phases
The units of measurement are Volts. Mains voltageV
The units of measurement are the cosine φ. Current power factorcos φ
The units of measurement are percentages. Permissible voltage losses of electricity%
The units of measurement are degrees Celsius. Electrical cable temperature
The method of laying the cable at the place of its permanent installation. Method of laying an electric cable

Information on the purpose of the calculator

The electric cable calculator is designed to calculate and select the cross-section of cable products by current and power, taking into account safe operation at the selected mains voltage. Since the wrong choice of cable cross-section can lead to a fire, for the design of electrical networks, be sure to contact specialists in your region.

General information on the results of calculations

C ( ) / 7 8 9 x 4 5 6 + 1 2 3 - . 0 =