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Frame house calculator

The width of the building.
The units are meters.
Building width A
The length of the structure.
The units are meters.
Building length B
Consider the attic floor as a full floor Number of floors
Without wrapping. Specify the height of the last floor to the Mauerlat 1st floor height C meters
Spacing between first floor framing studs.
Measurement units - millimeters.
Stud spacing of the first floor D
Spacing between floor beams.
Units - millimeters.
Floor joist Spacing E
Maximum working length of floor beams between load-bearing walls.
Units - meters.
Span length of floor joist F
The thickness of the insulation material of walls, floors and roofs.
Units of measurement are millimeters.
Insulation thickness
Walls of a frame house
Calculation of the first floor
Minimum size of external wall studs at max. the height of the stud is 3 meters 38x89 mm
Minimum size of internal wall studs at max. the height of the stud is 3 meters 38x64 mm
Number of external studs 52 pcs.
Number of internal studs 0 pcs.
The number of boards for external studs and plate length 3 meters (2 at the corners and in the openings) 76 pcs.
The number of boards for internal studs and plate length 3 meters (2 in the openings) 0 pcs.
Insulation volume 18 m3
Size of floor joists 38x286 mm
Minimum sizes of attic floor joists 38x140 mm
Number of floor joists in length 4 meters 41.75 pieces
Volume of floor joists 1.81 m3
The volume of the insulation of the lower floor 11.2 m3
Calculation of the sheathing
Minimum thickness of the subfloor material 16 mm
The volume of the subfloor material 0.9 m3
Minimum thickness of the ceiling cladding material 10 mm
Volume of ceiling cladding material 1.12 m3
Minimum thickness of the interior wall cladding material 10 mm
Volume of interior wall cladding material 1.2 m3
Minimum thickness of the outer wall cladding material 6 mm
Volume of external wall cladding material 0.72 m3
Number of Gable studs 22 pcs
Total length 22 meters
Minimum size of gable studs 38x89 mm
The volume of boards on the Gable studs 0 m3
Roof area 72.5 m2
Minimum size of rafters 38x184 mm
The angle of inclination of the rafters 29.74 deg
The length of the rafter 4.53 meters
Number of rafters 42 pieces
Volume of rafters 1.33 m3
Ridge board size 3x(38x184) mm
Volume of roofing insulation 14.5 m3
Minimum thickness of roofing deck material 7.5 mm
Volume of roofing deck material 1 m3
General data
Usable area of the room 49.71 m2
The area of internal walls including partitions 113.09 m2
The area of the external walls 120 m2
The total volume of lumber for the main elements of the frame 3.15 m3
Total volume of insulation with thickness 200 mm 43.7 m3

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