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Online calculator for calculating the dimensions, reinforcement and amount of concrete of a monolithic strip foundation

Depending on the number and location of the load-bearing walls of the building. Foundation type
Depending on the required strength of the foundation, as well as on weather conditions. Concrete grade
Foundation strip width.
Measurement units - meters.
Foundation width A
The length of the foundation strip.
Measurement units - meters.
Foundation length B
The height of the foundation strip section.
Units of measurement - millimeters.
Foundation Height C
The section width of the foundation strip.
Units of measurement - millimeters.
Concrete strip thickness D
Strip footing
Concrete strip
Amount of concrete 7.4 m3
External foundation perimeter 28 meters
Total strip Length 26.4 meters
Area of the bottom of the strip 10.56 m2
External lateral area 19.6 m2
Concrete weight 17.37 tons
Soil load from foundation 0.165 kg/cm2
Cover Size Concrete preparation 40 mm
Diameter of longitudinal bars of working reinforcement 14 mm
Number of rows of reinforcement in the top and bottom chords on 2 rod
Diameter of transverse reinforcement bars (stirrups) 6 mm
Step of transverse reinforcement bars (stirrups) 455 mm
Reinforcement overlap 686 mm
The total length of the working longitudinal reinforcement with a diameter of 14mm.
(including overlapping)
111.8 meters
Total weight of longitudinal reinforcement 135 kg
Total length of transverse reinforcement (stirrups) with diameter 6mm. 118.4 meters
Total weight of transverse reinforcement (stirrups) 26 kg
Total weight of all reinforcement 161 kg
Minimum board thickness with supports every 1 meter 44 mm
Number of formwork boards size 150 x 6000 mm 44 pcs
Volume of lumber for formwork 1.76 m3

Information on the purpose of the calculator

Online calculator of a monolithic strip foundation is designed to calculate the dimensions, formwork, the number and diameter of reinforcement and the volume of concrete required for arranging this type of foundation. To determine the appropriate type of foundation, be sure to contact the experts.

The strip foundation is a monolithic closed reinforced concrete strip passing under each load-bearing wall of the building, thereby distributing the load along the entire length of the strip. Prevents subsidence and change in the shape of the building due to the action of soil buckling forces. The main loads are concentrated at the corners. It is the most popular type among other foundations in the construction of private houses, as it has the best ratio of cost and necessary characteristics.

There are several types of strip foundations, such as monolithic and prefabricated, shallow and deep. The choice depends on the characteristics of the soil, the expected load and other parameters that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Suitable for almost all types of buildings and can be used in the construction of basements and basements.

The design of the foundation must be carried out with particular care, since if it is deformed, this will affect the entire building, and correcting errors is a very complex and expensive procedure.

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The following is a complete list of the calculations performed, with a brief description of each item.

General information on the results of calculations

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