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Calculation of the number of logs rounded

The units of measurement are millimeters. Log diameter Wmm
The units of measurement are millimeters. Estimated log height Hmm
Along the length of the log.
Units of measurement are meters.
Width of the structure A
Along the length of the log.
Units of measurement are meters.
Length of the structure B
Excluding pediments! If the height of the walls is different, you must specify the average height (the sum of the height of all walls divided by the number of walls). For example, if the height of two walls is 3.5 meters, and the other two are 2.5 meters each, you must specify 3 meters ((3.5+2.5)/2=3).
Units of measurement are meters.
The height of the walls at the corners C
The initial length of the protrusion of the corners.
Units of measurement are meters.
Log ledge D
The density of wood depends on the type. The most popular types are given.
Units of measurement - kg/m3.
Wood density
Optional parameter.
Units of measurement - $.
Price per 1 m3
Log quantity calculation
The total volume of the log taking into account partitions 15.55 m3
External walls
Log volume of external walls 15.55 m3
Perimeter of the building 30 meters
Usable area of the room 44.11 m2
Total area of exterior walls 90 m2
Total weight 7464 kg
Total cost of the log 15551 $
Number of rows 16 rows
Number of rolled insulation for all rows 473.7 meters
Diameter of construction wooden nagels 20 mm
Number of construction wooden nagels 316 pcs
Approximate quantity of liquid protective solution from 2 sides 60 liters
Approximate shrinkage (7%) of a rounded log 21 cm
The load on the foundation from the walls 0.11 kg/cm2
The area of wall partitions 0 m2
Log volume for all wall partitions 0 m3
Number of construction wooden nails for partitions 0 pcs

Information on the purpose of the calculator

Online calculator of rounded logs is designed to calculate the number and volume of logs for a house, bathhouse and other buildings, taking into account pediments and internal partitions. Additionally, calculations are made of the useful area of the room, the number of crowns, the diameter and number of wooden nails, as well as shrinkage and load on the foundation.

When filling in the data, pay attention to additional information with the sign Additional information

From time immemorial, log houses have been famous for their quality, high heat capacity and environmental cleanliness. With the growth of individual construction, with the advent of aerated concrete, foam and other modern materials, interest in wood has not decreased at all. Even today, in the age of innovation and new technologies, many land owners continue to build wooden cottages and cottages, preferring rounded logs.

What is a rounded log?

The material for rounded logs is usually coniferous wood. According to the ratio of cost and consumer qualities, pine is considered the best. When digitizing, the top layer (sapwood) is cut off from it and the core remains impregnated with resin and has a characteristic coniferous aroma.

When the sapwood is removed, the number of cracks on the log decreases, which significantly increases the thermal insulation of the material. After rolling on end-cutting machines, the wood is impregnated with special mixtures that provide protection from the external environment. Despite the multi-stage processing, its magnificent pattern remains on the surface of the tree, which gives the appearance of the structure variety and elegance.

Advantages of buildings made of rounded logs

Rounded logs are a good alternative to a sanded log or sawn timber. They are not only not inferior to these types of building materials in quality and durability, but also have a number of undeniable advantages:

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, wood seems to find a soul and pleases the owners of houses with a pleasant shine, aroma and unique pattern. Cottages made of rounded logs are able to provide comfort, it is easier to breathe in them compared to stone boxes of urban apartments, and the ability of wood to accumulate heat in summer and keep in winter allows you to build such buildings in areas with any type of climate.

The following is a complete list of calculations performed with a brief description of each item.

General information on the results of calculations

C ( ) / 7 8 9 x 4 5 6 + 1 2 3 - . 0 =